D: Hal Ashby

Columbia (Warren Beatty)

US 1975

109 mins


W: Robert Towne & Warren Beatty

DP: László Kovacs

Ed: Robert C. Jones

Mus: Paul Simon

PD: Richard Sylbert

Warren Beatty (George Roundy), Julie Christie (Jackie Shawn), Goldie Hawn (Jill), Lee Grant (Felicia Carr), Jack Warden (Lester Carr), Carrie Fisher (Lorna Carr)

Casual sex in Beverly Hills, starring Warren Beatty as a lethario hairdresser who uses his skills to seduce his more glamorous clients. 

The seedy story attempts to be more high class by setting its events on the eve of the 1968 political election, but it's really just a sex farce with Warren Beatty doing his usual act.

Lee Grant delivers the film's best performance as the wife of a politician, and the script features some good dialogue, but it hasn't dated particularly well. Soapy stuff.


Goldie Hawn & Warren Beatty in Shampoo
Goldie Hawn & Warren Beatty in Shampoo