SHAME (18)
D: Steve McQueen
Momentum/See-Saw/Film4/Alliance (Iain Canning & Emile Sherman)
UK 2011
101 mins


W: Steve McQueen & Abi Morgan
DP: Sean Bobbitt
Ed: Joe Walker
Mus: Harry Escott

Michael Fassbender (Brandon Sullivan), Carey Mulligan (Sissy Sullivan), James Badge Dale (David), Nicole Beharie (Marianne)

Sex is an addiction, shown here the way alcoholism was displayed in Leaving Las Vegas (qv) and drug addiction was in Requiem For A Dream (qv), without boundries, warts & all.
Michael Fassbender is excellent as Brandon, a philanderous man whose existence consists of walking around his apartment naked, cold showers, internet pornography and casual sex with numerous (& multiple) partners. His entire being is thrown into chaos when his sister (played by the always-excellent Carey Mulligan) has to stay with him following her own troubles in her life.
It's a compelling, captivating watch exceptionally directed by Steve McQueen (no not that one).
It is beyond me why Michael Fassbender's performance didn't garner him a Best Actor nomination at the Oscars.
Definitely the most provocative movie of recent years.

Michael Fassbender in Shame
Michael Fassbender in Shame