Shallow Grave

What's a little murder between friends?
What's a little murder between friends?
D: Danny Boyle
Gramercy/Polygram/Channel 4 (Andrew MacDonald)
UK 1994
92 mins


W: John Hodge
DP: Brian Tufano
Ed: Masahiro Hirakubo
Mus: Simon Boswell

Kerry Fox (Juliet Miller), Christopher Ecclestone (David Stevens), Ewan McGregor (Alex Law), Ken Stott (McCall), Keith Allen (Hugo)

A stylish suspense thriller which created a new wave of British movies and saw actor Ewan McGregor & director Danny Boyle make their debuts.
In Glasgow, a group of friends make the alarming discovery that their new tenant has died, leaving a large suitcase of money, but rather than inform the police, they decide to dispose of the body and keep the cash.
The energetic style and atmospheric suspense overshadow some of the films less finer moments, such as unconvincing character developments (Christopher Ecclestone's descent into paranoia happens far too quickly). Still, it's an iconic piece of 1990's British cinema and opened floodgates to a new host of filmmaking talent.

Shallow Grave
Shallow Grave