Shadow of a Doubt

D: Alfred Hitchcock
Universal (Jack H. Skirball)
US 1943
108 mins


W: Thornton Wilder, Sally Benson & Alma Reville [based on a story by Gordon McDonell]
DP: Joe Valentine
Ed: Milton Carruth
Mus: Dimitri Tiomkin

Joseph Cotten (Charlie Oakley), Teresa Wright (Charlotte 'Charlie' Newton), Hume Cronyn (Herbie Hawkins), Macdonald Carey (Det. Jack Graham), Patricia Collinge (Emma Newton), Henry Travers (Joseph Newton)

Classic Hitchcock suspense with a fantastically creepy leading performance from Joseph Cotten.  He plays the mysterious "Uncle Charlie" who boards a train to stay with his sister and her family in a small Californian town, meanwhile detectives are snooping, trying to get information on him as they try to solve the mystery of the "Merry Widow Strangler".
The movie mainly concentrates on Uncle Charlie and his adoring niece (a great performance from Teresa Wright) and their deteriorating relationship as she discovers unsavoury truths about him.
Hitchcock once admitted this was his favourite of his films. Personally, I prefer Vertigo, Psycho & North By Northwest, but it's still a great example of the legendary directors work.

Joseph Cotten & Teresa Wright in Shadow of a Doubt
Joseph Cotten & Teresa Wright in Shadow of a Doubt