Sexy Beast

Sometimes it's hard to say no
Sometimes it's hard to say no
D: Jonathan Glazer
Fox Searchlight/Film Four/Recorded (Jeremy Thomas)
UK/Spain/US 2000 [released 2001]
88 mins


W: Louis Mellis & David Scinto
DP: Ivan Bird
Ed: John Scott & Sam Sneade
Mus: Roque Baños

Ray Winstone (Gary Dove), Ben Kingsley (Don Logan), Ian McShane (Teddy Bass), Amanda Redman (Deedee Dove), James Fox (Harry)

A cockney thief who has retired with his wife on the Costa del Sol is forced into doing one last job by an overbearing & vicious gangster.
Enjoyable twist on an old chestnut, featuring a scene-stealing performance from Ben Kingsley which must be ranked amongst the finest portrayals of a villain in cinema history. It's especially impressive considering this is the same actor who played Gandhi.

Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast
Ray Winstone in Sexy Beast