Set It Off

D: F. Gary Gray
New Line/Peak (Dale Pollock & Oren Koules)
US 1996
122 mins


W: Kate Lanier & Takashi Bufford
DP: Marc Reshovsky
Ed: John Carter
Mus: Christopher Young

Jada Pinkett (Lida 'Stony' Newsom), Queen Latifah (Cleo Sims), Viveca A. Fox (Frankie Sutton), Kimberly Elise (T.T. Williams), John C. McGinley (Det. Strode), Blair Underwood (Keith Weston)

Four Los Angeles women with different financial troubles become bank robbers.
A unique spin on the cops & robbers theme, with a throwback to blaxploitation films of the 1970's.
The acting of the four female stars are all good, and it's Jada Pinkett's finest screen performance by a mile, but Queen Latifah's performance as an unabashed lesbian stands out from the quartet. Personally, I feel she deserved an Oscar nomination for her portrayal.
Set It Off
Set It Off