D: Sidney Lumet
Paramount/Artists Entertainment (Martin Bregman)
US 1973
130 mins


W: Waldo Salt & Norman Wexler [based on the book by Peter Maas]
DP: Arthur J. Ornitz
Ed: Dede Allen
Mus: Mikis Theodorakis

Al Pacino (Frank Serpico), John Randolph (Chief Sidney Green), Jack Kehoe (Tom Keough), Biff McGuire (McClain)

Al Pacino gives one of his career-best performances as Frank Serpico, an honest cop in corrupt precinct who is forced to leave the country after he becomes a whistleblower.
Alarmingly based on a true story, director Sidney Lumet presents a gloomy and violent vision of police corruption.
A must-watch for all Al Pacino fans. This is the movie he should have won an Oscar for (he eventually won in 1992 for Scent Of A Woman).

Al Pacino in Serpico
Al Pacino in Serpico