Sea of Love

D: Harold Becker
Universal (Martin Bregman & Louis A. Stroller)
US 1989
112 mins


W: Richard Price
DP: Ronnie Taylor
Ed: David Bretherton
Mus: Trevor Jones

Al Pacino (Det. Frank Keller), Ellen Barkin (Helen Cruger), John Goodman (Det. Sherman Touhey), William Hickey (Frank Keller, Sr.), Michael Rooker (Terry Cruger), Richard Jenkins (Gruber)

Al Pacino made some poor choices during the 1980's but finished the decade by reviving his flagging movie career with this tense crime-thriller.
He plays a disillusioned, embittered detective who falls for a main suspect in a murder case (Ellen Barkin) against the better advise of his investigation partner (John Goodman).
All three performances are amongst their very best in this modern noir, which throws in plenty of red herrings which keep you guessing until all is uncovered.

Al Pacino & Ellen Barkin in Sea of Love
Al Pacino & Ellen Barkin in Sea of Love