Scott Pilgrim vs The World

D: Edgar Wright
Universal/Big Talk (Marc Platt, Nira Park, Eric Gitter & Edgar Wright)
US/UK/Japan 2010
112 mins

Science Fiction/Comedy

W: Edgar Wright & Michael Bacall [based on the comic books created by Bryan Lee O'Malley]
DP: Bill Pope
Ed: Jonathan Amos & Paul Machliss
Mus: Nigel Godrich

Michael Cera (Scott Pilgrim), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Ramona Flowers), Kieran Culkin (Wallace Wells), Ellen Wong (Knives Chau), Alison Pill (Kim Pine), Anna Kendrick (Stacey Pilgrim)

I just don't get it. Just like I don't get the whole pseudo-geek down-with-the-kids fashion trend in abound since The Big Bang Theory first aired on TV in 2007.
Maybe you have to be a gamer or a fan of the comic book to appreciate this but I lost interest pretty much straight away.
I find Michael Cera odious and he plays the same unlikable, wimp-faced, one-dimensional character in EVERYTHING!
In this, he plays a shallow nerd who has to fight some overly quirky, technicolor-haired tramp's evil exes to win her like an MVP trophy.
The only character I sided with was Anna Kendrick, simply because I went through the entire movie sharing her "who gives the fuck?" attitude.
I give points for the visual style, etc. but I really didn't enjoy this movie. I didn't even care if Scott Pilgrim got the girl because I thought he was a whiny douchebag with absolutely nothing about his personality to make me root for him. In short, I thought he was a total prick, and his love interest's character isn't much either, just an eye-rollingly blasé, empty shell of a woman who doesn't offer much in the way of personality at all.
I understand there's a lot of people, mostly hipsters and gamers, who did enjoy this, but unfortunately I'm not on the same side here. It felt like I was watching a video game which someone else was playing, which isn't much fun at all.

Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs The World