School of Rock

We don't need no education
We don't need no education
D: Richard Linklater
Paramount (Scott Rudin)
US 2003
108 mins


W: Mike White 
DP: Rogier Stoffers
Ed: Sandra Adair
Mus: Craig Wedren

Jack Black (Dewey Finn), Joan Cusack (Rosalie Mullins), Mike White (Ned Schneebly), Sarah Silverman (Patty Di Marco), Miranda Cosgrove (Summer Hathaway)

After being kicked out of his rock band and on the verge of being kicked out of his flat, incompetent slacker Dewey Finn impersonates his flatmate to take a job as a substitute teacher in a strict academy, where he trains his pupils in rock music appreciation and prepares them for participating at an upcoming Battle Of The Bands music competition.
Armed with a kick-ass soundtrack and an exuberant performance from Jack Black, it's easy to ignore how wanton and unethical the plot actually is. Just go with it and enjoy.

School of Rock
School of Rock