Saving Christmas

Put Christ back in Christmas
Put Christ back in Christmas
D: Darren Doane
Samuel Goldwyn Films (Darren Doane, Raphi Henly, Amanda Rosser & David Shannon)
US 2014
79 mins


W: Darren Doane & Cheston Harvey
DP: Andy Patch
Ed: The Postmill Factory
Mus: Brian Popkin

Kirk Cameron (Kirk), Darren Doane (Christian), Bridgette Ridenour (Kirk's Sister), David Shannon (Diondre)

Look at the poster. Doesn't this look fun?? Almost as though this was an action-comedy where the lead character is "Saving Christmas" from bad guys. Well, the marketing department fooled you, because this pathetic excuse for a movie is nothing of the sort.
This Kirk Cameron ego-project, thinly disguised as a comedy is 80 minutes of an opinionated sermon where the former child actor turned new age Christian treats us to a rant where he explains what Christmas should truly mean. So put down your carving knife and put that tree back into the loft as he educates everyone on their ignorant ways while he drinks copious amounts of cocoa.
This would have been a lot easier to ignore if it wasn't for Kirk Cameron taking to the internet to attack anyone who dared to give it a bad review.
Feel free to comment Mr. Cameron, you overopinionated, annoyingly preachy jackass.

Kirk Cameron in Saving Christmas
Kirk Cameron in Saving Christmas