Saturday Night & Sunday Morning


D: Karel Reisz

Bryanston/Woodfall (Tony Richardson & Harry Saltzman)

UK 1960

89 mins


W: Alan Sillitoe [based on his play]

DP: Freddie Francis

Ed: Seth Holt

Mus: Johnny Dankworth

Albert Finney (Arthur Seaton), Shirley Anne Field (Doreen Gretton), Rachel Roberts (Brenda), Bryan Pringle (Jack), Norman Rossington (Bert), Hylda Baker (Aunt Ada)

Among the first of the Angry Young Man melodramas from Great Britain at the beginning of the 1960's, setting of the UK's own new wave of filmmaking to rival the French.

Albert Finney stars as Arthur Seaton, a Nottingham factory worker whose love life gets him in hot water as he embarks on an affair with a married woman, while also dating a younger local girl. 

Very much a product of its time, but the excellent performances of Albert Finney and Rachel Roberts still hold up strong.


Albert Finney in Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
Albert Finney in Saturday Night & Sunday Morning