The River Wild

The vacation is over
The vacation is over
D: Curtis Hanson
Universal (David Foster & Lawrence Turman)
US 1994
111 mins


W: Denis O'Neill
DP: Robert Elswit
Ed: Joe Hutshing & David Brenner
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Bill Kenney

Meryl Streep (Gail Hartman), Kevin Bacon (Wade), David Strathairn (Tom Hartman), Joseph Mazzello (Roarke Hartman), John C. Reilly (Terry)

A family have their white water rafting expedition hijacked by a pair of criminals on the run from the law.
The natural setting makes a difference from the usual formula-driven thrillers of the same ilk, but the story is something that's been done various times before.
The performances give this a lift, particularly the curious casting of Meryl Streep, who got the chance to add adventure-thrillers to her already eclectic résumé.

The River Wild
The River Wild