D: John Frankenheimer
United Artists (Frank Mancuso, Jr.)
US 1998
121 mins


W: J.D. Zeik & Richard Weisz (David Mamet)
DP: Robert Fraisse
Ed: Tony Gibbs
Mus: Elia Cmiral

Robert DeNiro (Sam), Jean Reno (Vincent), Natasha McElhone (Deirdre), Sean Bean (Spence), Stellan Skarsgard (Gregor), Jonathan Pryce (Seamus)

A group of undercover agents double-cross one another during a mission to steal a briefcase from a group of Irish revolutionaries.
Aside from a gripping, high-octane car chase midway through the running time, there's very little memorable about this run-of-the-mill crime thriller, even with a great actor like Robert DeNiro in the lead role.

Robert DeNiro in Ronin
Robert DeNiro in Ronin