D: Norman Jewison
United Artists (Norman Jewison)
UK/US 1975
129 mins

Action/Science Fiction

W: William Harrison [based on his short story 'Roller Ball Murder']
DP: Douglas Slocombe
Ed: Antony Gibbs
Mus: Andre Previn
PD: John Box

James Caan (Jonathan E), John Houseman (Mr. Bartholomew), Maud Adams (Ella), John Beck (Moonpie), Moses Gunn (Cletus), Ralph Richardson (Librarian)

Cult sci-fi, though it's dated incredibly badly. 
Set in the 21st century, an ultra violent sport is used as a way of controlling the population. 
For a film made in 1975, the production design, special effects and stunts are well visualised and directed, but one huge pet hate is that the rules of the game are never explained during any point of the film. A remake, released in 2002, updated many elements of the production but didn't improve on the story. In fact, if was much, much worse.