Road Trip

D: Todd Phillips
Dreamworks/Montecito (Daniel Goldberg & Joe Medjuck)
US 2000
94 mins


W: Todd Phillips & Scott Armstrong
DP: Mark Irwin 
Ed: Sheldon Kahn
Mus: Mike Sampson

Breckin Meyer (Josh Parker), Seann William Scott (E.L. Faldt), Amy Smart (Beth Wagner), Paulo Costanzo (Rubin Carver), D.J. Qualls (Kyle Edwards), Rachel Blanchard (Tiffany Henderson), Tom Green (Barry Manilow)

The huge global success of American Pie (qv) saw a resurgence of teen sex comedies in the late 1990's and early 2000's, of which Road Trip was amongst the better efforts.
This particular road trip concerns a group of college friends, who race across the country so one of them can get to his girlfriend before an inadvertently posted sex tape does. 
Like all these juvenile comedies, the humour will be appreciated by young viewers rather than those with a more serious taste.  The jokes are all rather tasteless, but it's fun for those who can take it. The film wouldn't have suffered if all the scenes with Tom Green were left on the cutting room floor.

Road Trip
Road Trip