D: Russell Mulcahy
Warner Bros/HBO (Joel Silver & Michael Levy)
US 1991
102 mins


W: Steven E. de Souza, Fred Dekker & Menno Meyjes
DP: Peter Levy
Ed: Peter Honess
Mus: Alan Silvestri

Denzel Washington (Nick Styles), John Lithgow (Earl Talbot Blake), Ice T (Odessa), Kevin Pollak (Larry Doyle), Lindsay Wagner (Priscilla Brimleigh), Mary Ellen Trainor (Gail Wallens)

Denzel Washington stars as a hero policeman, promoted to an assistant district attorney following the arrest of a psychopathic murderer. But when the murderer escapes from custody and vows revenge, the lawman finds himself on the run, in more ways than one, and needs help from the other side of the tracks to catch the bad guy once again.
The plot is a standard revenge pot-boiler, lifted above mediocrity by the sadistically enjoyable performance of John Lithgow, who seems to be having the time of his life playing the dastardly villain. Everyone else just seems to be in it for a paycheck, especially Ice T, who seems to rap all of his dialogue for some unbeknownst reason.

Denzel Washington in Ricochet
Denzel Washington in Ricochet