D: Roman Polanski 
Compton/Tekli (Gene Gutowski)
UK 1965
105 mins


W: Roman Polanski & Gerard Brach
DP: Gilbert Taylor
Ed: Alistair McIntyre
Mus: Chico Hamilton

Catherine Deneuve (Carol Ledoux), Ian Hendry (Michael), John Fraser (Colin), Patrick Wymark (Landlord), Yvonne Furneaux (Helen Ledoux)

Creepy and disturbing psychological thriller starring Catherine Deneuve as a Belgian beautician in London who becomes increasingly neurotic and reclusive, locking herself in her flat to withdraw from sexual contact and eventually committing the murder of her boyfriend and landlord when they attempt to make physical contact with her.
Repulsion is certainly one of those films which worked best at the time of it's release, reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's finest works without resembling an imitation. Roman Polanski may not be the first person you'd invite to a dinner party, but as a director, he has an eye for what's dramatic, atmospheric and terrifying.