D: Bob Logan 
Seven Arts/Carolco (Steve Wizan)
US 1990
84 mins


W: Bob Logan [based on "The Exorcist" by William Peter Blatty]
DP: Michael D. Margulies
Ed: Jeff Freeman
Mus: Charles Fox

Leslie Nielsen (Father Mayii), Linda Blair (Nancy Aglet), Ned Beatty (Ernest Weller), Anthony Starke (Father Brophy)

Juvenile parody of The Exorcist with the majority of the jokes revolving around vomit and the rest around TV evangelists. 
It's difficult to ascertain what the target audience was that the filmmakers had in mind. It's far too immature for those who would have seen The Exorcist and young children simply wouldn't understand the references.  Leslie Nielsen provides occasional moments of amusement, but even he can't save the shortcomings of such a weak, one-note screenplay.