Repo Man


D: Alex Cox

Universal/Edge City (Peter McCarthy, Michael Nesmith, Gerald T. Olson & Jonathan Wacks)

US 1984

92 mins

Science Fiction/Comedy

W: Alex Cox

DP: Robby Müller

Ed: Dennis Dolan

Mus: Tito Larriva & Steven Hufsteter

Emilio Estevez (Otto Maddox), Harry Dean Stanton (Bud), Tracey Walter (Miller), Olivia Barash (Leila), Sy Richardson (Lite)

Emilio Estevez stars in this cult classic as a street punk who reluctantly takes a job as a repo man and becomes involved in a government conspiracy involving UFO's and a mysterious 1960's Chevy Malibu containing a dangerous cargo.

Though the film has amassed a huge cult following since its 1984 release, the plot and premise are things which you would only find in a 1980's movie and certain elements have dated quite badly. 

Enjoyable enough as a one-off watch, but it really hasn't stood the test of time.


Repo Man
Repo Man