RABID (18)

D: David Cronenberg

New World Pictures/Cinepix (John Dunning)

Canada 1976 (released 1977)

91 mins


W: David Cronenberg

DP: Rene Verzier

Ed: Jean LaFleur

Marilyn Chambers (Rose), Frank Moore (Hart Read), Joe Silver (Murray Cypher), Howard Ryshpan (Dr. Dan Kyloid), Patricia Gage (Dr. Roxanne Kyloid)

This Canadian horror film launched the career of David Cronenberg, whose later films also had similar themes and visual style.

Following a motorcycle accident and subsequent life-saving surgery, a woman develops a bloodlust which infects the people of Montreal and surrounding areas.

With a pornographic film star in the lead role, Rabid doubles up as a metaphor for promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases as well as an alternative zombie flick.

It has amassed a respectable cult following since its original release and though it had obvious budgetary restraints, David Cronenberg did a great job in the director's chair. A remake is in consideration, but I personally hope it doesn't materialise.


Marilyn Chambers in Rabid
Marilyn Chambers in Rabid