A Room With a View

D: James Ivory
Goldcrest/Merchant Ivory (Ismail Merchant)         
UK 1985 (released 1986)
115 mins


W: Ruth Prawer Jhabvala [based on the novel by E. M. Forster]
DP: Tony Pierce-Roberts
Ed: Humphrey Dixon
Mus: Richard Robbins
PD: Gianna Quaranta & Brian Ackland-Snow
Cos: Jenny Beavan & John Bright

Helena Bonham-Carter (Lucy Honeychurch), Julian Sands (George Emerson), Denholm Elliott (Mr. Emerson), Maggie Smith (Charlotte Bartlett), Daniel Day-Lewis (Cecil Vyse), Simon Callow (Rev. Beebe), Rosemary Leach (Mrs. Honeychurch), Judi Dench (Eleanor Lavish)

Set in early 1900's Florence, where a young, chaste Edwardian girl, Lucy Honeychurch, discovers romance during a family holiday and must choose between the carefree and charming George Emerson or her fiancé back in England, the rich and conservative Cecil Vyse.
Quite possibly the standout film from the Merchant-Ivory collaboration, complete with a great ensemble cast and handsome sets & costumes. It's the supporting performances which standout most, particularly from the ever dependable Maggie Smith.

Julian Sands & Helena Bonham-Carter in A Room With a View
Julian Sands & Helena Bonham-Carter in A Room With a View