Quatermass & The Pit

D: Roy Ward Baker
Hammer (Anthony Nelson Keys)
UK 1967
97 mins
Science Fiction/Horror
W: Nigel Kneale [based on his television serial]
DP: Arthur Grant
Ed: Spencer Reeve
Mus: Tristram Cary
Andrew Keir (Prof. Bernard Quatermass), James Donald (Dr. Mathew Roney), Barbara Shelley (Barbara Judd), Julian Glover (Col. Breen), Duncan Lamont (Sladden)
Considering this movie is from the 1960's, the production values are incredibly impressive, especially for a Hammer production.
Based on a TV serial by Nigel Kneale, the story centres around ancient artefacts found underneath a London Underground station during tunnel works. A mysterious spacecraft is also unearthed, which the army are convinced is a German missile from WWII, however, Professor Quatermass is convinced that it's origins are far more occult and ominous.
The story begins very intriguingly but begins to lose it's way after the hour mark, but gets back on track shortly before its climax.
Worth a watch, even for those who aren't fans of Hammer horror, but it's unlikely there'll be many who'll watch it twice.

Quatermass & The Pit
Quatermass & The Pit