The Parallax View

As American as apple pie
As American as apple pie


D: Alan J. Pakula

Paramount (Alan J. Pakula)

US 1974

102 mins


W: David Giler & Lorenzo Semple, Jr. [based on the novel by Loren Singer]

DP: Gordon Willis

Ed: John W. Wheeler

Mus: Michael Small

Warren Beatty (Joseph Frady), Paula Prentiss (Lee Carter), Hume Cronyn (Bill Rintels), William Daniels (Austin Tucker), Walter McGinn (Jack Younger)

Based on the novel by Loren Singer, The Parallax View is a political thriller born out of paranoia following the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In this, a politician is assassinated and witnesses to the crime are systematically murdered, despite the efforts of a maverick journalist trying to crack the story.

A 70's classic, which feels a little dated now, but is still incredibly well written and acted, and done with some style by director Alan J. Pakula.

It's also quite refreshing that it doesn't have a typical Hollywood ending and instead closes on a very downbeat, cynical note.

It's the third part of Pakula's political paranoia trilogy, sandwiched between Klute and All The President's Men.


The Parallax View
The Parallax View