PIMP (18)
D: Robert Cavanah
Revolver/Stealth Media (Robert Cavanah, Paul de Vos, Crispin Manson, Matthew Stardling & Royd Tolkien)
UK 2010
91 mins


W: Robert Cavanah
DP: Steve Annis
Ed: Rob Redford
Mus: Tom Hodge

Robert Cavanah (Woody), Billy Boyd (The Chief), Martin Compston (Zeb), Scarlett Alice Johnson (Lizzy), Barbara Nedeljáková (Petra), Robert Fucilla (Vincent), Danny Dyer (Stanley)

This low-budget British crime film uses a mock documentary style to uncover the seedy side of prostitution in Britain's capital in a way that Belgium focused on criminal gangs and murders in Man Bites Dog (qv). The difference is that was good and Pimp is awful, especially with its casting of Danny Dyer as a godfather-like kingpin. 
In fairness, it's an easy film to ignore, bombing at the box office, pulling in an embarrassing £205 & pulled from cinema screens after just one showing. 
It's only really worth watching so you can poke fun at Dyer's laughably pathetic performance.

Danny Dyer in Pimp
Danny Dyer in Pimp