It could happen to you
It could happen to you


D: Ron Howard
Universal/Imagine (Brian Grazer)
US 1989
99 mins
W: Lowell Ganz & Babaloo Mandel
DP: Donald McAlpine
Ed: Michael Hill & Daniel Hanley
Mus: Randy Newman 


Steve Martin (Gil Buckman), Tom Hulce (Larry Buckman), Rick Moranis (Nathan Huffner), Martha Plimpton(Julie Buckman), Keanu Reeves (Tod Higgins), Jason Robards (Frank Buckman), Mary Steenburgen (Karen Buckman), Dianne Wiest (Helen Buckman), Leaf Phoenix (Garry Buckman-Lampkin), Harley Jane Kozak (Susan Huffner)

The members of the incredibly dysfunctional Buckman family have various issues with their children, grandchildren, siblings, pregnancies and even their own parents. 

The stories in this ensemble piece and various comedy styles clash quite badly, with the whole being much less than the sum of all its parts. The most interesting story concerns Dianne Wiest disapproving of her daughter's slacker boyfriend (Keanu Reeves) whilst she's also having problems with her rebellious teenage son (Phoenix).

Fans of Steve Martin get a chance to see him doing some of his usual wackiness, but it really doesn't fit in this movie, as he and his wife Mary Steenburgen have problems with their own troubled son.

The performances can't be faulted and everyone gets a good chance to flex some acting muscles, some just come off much better than others.

A short-lived television series inspired by the film emerged in the early 1990's, followed by another in 2010 which ran for several seasons.


Steve Martin & Mary Steenburgen in Parenthood
Steve Martin & Mary Steenburgen in Parenthood