Pacific Heights


D: John Schlesinger
20th Century Fox/Morgan Creek (Scott Rudin & William Sackheim)
US 1990
104 mins
W: Daniel Pyne
DP: Amir Mokri
Ed: Mark Warner & Steven Ramirez
Mus: Hans Zimmer
Melanie Griffith (Patty Palmer), Matthew Modine (Drake Goodman), Michael Keaton (Carter Hayes/James Danforth), Mako (Toshio Watanabe), Nobu McCarthy (Mira Watanabe), Laurie Metcalf (Stephanie McDonald), Carl Lumbly (Lou Baker), Tippi Hedren (Florence Peters)

One of the first entries in a thriller sub-genre which seemed to saturate the early 1990's. It works reasonably well due to Michael Keaton's subtly chilling performance as a nightmare tenant who makes a young couples life hell when he moves into the spare room of their luxurious three-storey semi, using every trick in the book to withhold paying any rent before his true psychopathic tendencies come to the forefront.

The finale descends into cliched and formulaic melodrama which the build up didn't deserve, harming what could have been a very good psychological thriller, despite some very good performances from its cast throughout, particularly Keaton in a role which was rather cast against type at this point in his career.


Michael Keaton in Pacific Heights
Michael Keaton in Pacific Heights