A Perfect World

D: Clint Eastwood
Warner Bros./Malpaso (Mark Johnson & David Valdes)
US 1993
138 mins
W: John Lee Hancock
DP: Jack N. Green
Ed: Joel Cox & Ron Spang
Mus: Lennie Niehaus

Kevin Costner (Robert Haynes), Clint Eastwood (Chief Red Garnett), Laura Dern (Sally Gerber), T.J. Lowther (Philip Perry), Keith Szarabajka (Terry Pugh)
Released in the years when Kevin Costner was still a huge box office draw, A Perfect World is essentially a mix of buddy-buddy and chase movies, all against the setting of America's seemingly never-ending highways.
Costner plays an escaped convict who strikes up an unlikely father-son relationship with a seven-year-old boy he takes hostage, whilst veteran lawman Clint Eastwood hunts them down.
There's no denying that the film has its occasional moments of beauty and power, but it lacks the longevity or memorability that could have made it one of Eastwood's more classic pieces of work. A decent, but rather forgotten film from 1993.

T.J. Lowther & Kevin Costner in A Perfect World
T.J. Lowther & Kevin Costner in A Perfect World