On Jupiter's moon he's the only law
On Jupiter's moon he's the only law


D: Peter Hyams
Warner Bros./Ladd (Richard Roth)
UK 1981
109 mins
Science Fiction/Thriller
W: Peter Hyams
DP: Stephen Goldblatt
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Philip Harrison
Sean Connery (Marshall William T. O'Neil), Peter Boyle (Mark Sheppard), Frances Sternhagen (Dr. Marian Lazarus), James B. Sikking (Sgt. Montone), Kika Markham (Carol O'Neil)

Clearly inspired by the success of Star Wars, this sci-fi update of classic western High Noon relocates the setting to a mining colony on one of Jupiter's moons where security marshal Sean Connery investigates a series of suspicious deaths and uncovers a narcotics smuggling operation. 

Despite the sets and visual effects being quite dated, the story provides a very decent crime thriller with otherworldly locations with solid performances from its cast.


Sean Connery in Outland
Sean Connery in Outland