One False Move

D: Carl Franklin
IRS Releasing (Jesse Beaton & Ben Myron)
US 1992
105 mins
W: Billy Bob Thornton & Tom Epperson
DP: James L. Carter
Ed: Carole Kravetz
Mus: Peter Haycock, Derek Holt & Terry Plumeri
Bill Paxton (Dale 'Hurricane' Dixon), Cynda Williams (Lila 'Fantasia' Walker), Billy Bob Thornton (Ray Malcolm), Michael Beach (Lenny Franklin), Jim Metzler (Dud Cole)
A neat, though little seen, crime thriller and a solid directorial breakthrough from Carl Franklin.
The clashing police styles between West Coast and Middle America comes under study as three drug dealers are suspected to be heading to a small Arkansas town where local sheriff Bill Paxton tends to the flock.
Joined by two LA cops, Paxton is out of his depth with the investigation, his usual day-to-day activities normally consisting of calming down an argument between a pair of married hicks.
Paxton has ambition however, and despite being ridiculed by his Californian colleagues, is set to crack the case himself, leading to an unpredictable plot twist.
It's not the most glamorous crime film of the 90's, and didn't do much box office business, but all the performances are good, it's well written and very well directed. An obscure little gem.

Bill Paxton in One False Move
Bill Paxton in One False Move