On the Beach

D: Stanley Kramer
United Artists (Stanley Kubrick)
US 1959
134 mins

Drama/War/Science Fiction

W: John Paxton & James Lee Barrett [based on the novel by Nevil Shute]
DP: Giuseppe Rotunno & Daniel Fapp
Ed: Frederic Knudtson
Mus: Ernest Gold
PD: Rudolph Sternad

Gregory Peck (Cmmdr. Dwight Lionel Towers), Ava Gardner (Moira Davidson), Fred Astaire (Julian Osborn), Anthony Perkins (Lt. Cmmdr. Peter Holmes), Donna Anderson (Mary Holmes), John Tate (Adm. Bridie)

Following the atomic destruction left by the wake of World War III, a group of survivors aboard an American submarine set out to investigate where mankind can begin again.

From the synopsis, you'd be forgiven for expecting a much more interesting film. This is very much talking heads and preachy prophecy rather than envisaging any physical action.

Still, it was an important film at the time of its original release and remains one of the first doomsday movies.

Fred Astaire, away from the song-and-dance roles which made him a household name, delivers the finest performance in the ensemble piece.


On the Beach
On the Beach