Office Space

Work sucks
Work sucks


D: Mike Judge 
20th Century Fox (Michael Rotenberg & Daniel Rappaport)
US 1999
89 mins
W: Mike Judge [based on his animated series 'Milton']
DP: Tim Suhrstedt 
Ed: David Rennie
Mus: John Frizzell

Ron Livingston (Peter Gibbons), Jennifer Aniston (Joanna), Stephen Root (Milton Waddams), Gary Cole (Bill Lumbergh), David Herman (Michael Bolton), Ajay Naidu (Samir Nagheenanajar), John C. McGinley (Bob), Diedrich Bader (Lawrence)

Inspired by a cartoon series depicting the lowly side of office life, this comedy is a giant finger to big commercial corporations.

Three disgruntled office workers have enough of their place in the company pyramid and exploit a software loophole to make themselves millionaires on the company wages (a wink & a nod to one of the plot developments in a Superman film).

The three main characters make a good partnership and there's also brilliant performances from John C. McGinley & Gary Cole as middle management yes men.

The comedy element isn't sustained throughout the film and the ending is quite disappointing, but overall it's well worth a watch.

Far more entertaining than other films of the ilk, though it's not quite of the same calibre as the TV series "The Office" (the UK version, not the American one).


Gary Cole in Office Space
Gary Cole in Office Space