All's fair when love is war
All's fair when love is war


D: Steve Shill
Screen Gems/Rainforest (Will Packer)
US 2009
108 mins
W: David Loughery
DP: Ken Seng
Ed: Paul Seydor
Mus: James Dooley
Beyoncé Knowles (Sharon Charles), Idris Elba (Derek Charles), Ali Larter (Lisa Sheridan), Jerry O'Connell (Ben), Christine Lahti (Reese)
In a nutshell, it's an interracial update of Fatal Attraction, except the performances of the two lead actresses are laughable, not that I've ever considered Beyoncé Knowles to be a particularly good actress... or singer (sorry, just my opinion).
This is a tv-movie-of-the-week at best, with all the cliches from the umpteen crazy-bitch-from-hell films which precede it and is nothing short of unintentionally hilarious, especially when the last 15 minutes makes it all about Beyoncé as she competely sheds her family-mother-from-affluent-background character and turns all ghetto. It was laughably pathetic! I actually sided with Ali Larter!!
Of course, Béŷóñćè had to have one of her own insipid pop songs playing over the closing titles, proving that this was just an opportunity to feed her own ego.

Beyoncé Knowles in Obsessed
Beyoncé Knowles in Obsessed