The Negotiator

D: F. Gary Gray
Warner Bros./Regency/Mandeville (David Hoberman & Arnon Milchan)
US 1998
138 mins
W: James DeMonaco & Kevin Fox
DP: Russell Carpenter
Ed: Christian Wagner
Mus: Graeme Revell
Samuel L. Jackson (Lt. Danny Roman), Kevin Spacey (Lt. Chris Sabian), David Morse (Cmmdr. Adam Beck), Ron Rifkin (Cmmdr. Grant Frost), John Spencer (Chief Al Travis), J.T. Walsh (Insp. Terence Niebaum)
A police negotiator, suspended from duty and facing arrest after he is set up by his corrupt colleagues, turns the tables and takes hostages amongst his own unit in order to clear his name and a top dog negotiator is brought into the fold to diffuse the situation.
A slick thriller, low on action but high on tension, with good performances from both Samuel L. Jackson & Kevin Spacey.
A tad overlong at 138 minutes, but there's not a single boring moment.
Samuel L. Jackson & Kevin Spacey in The Negotiator
Samuel L. Jackson & Kevin Spacey in The Negotiator