Nine to Five

NINE TO FIVE (9 TO 5) (15)
D: Colin Higgins 
20th Century Fox/IPC (Bruce Gilbert)
US 1980
110 mins
W: Colin Higgins & Patricia Resnick
DP: Reynaldo Villalobos 
Ed: Pembroke J. Herring 
Mus: Charles Fox
Jane Fonda (Judy Bernly), Lily Tomlin (Violet Newstead), Dolly Parton (Doralee Rhodes), Dabney Coleman (Franklin M. Hart, Jr.), Sterling Hayden (Russell Tinsworthy)
Over a decade before The Spice Girls dished out their version of "Girl Power", Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin & Dolly Parton got there first in this battle-of-the-sexes comedy, in which they play three disgruntled secretaries who plot to kidnap their chauvinistic boss.
Highly enjoyable with solid performances and an ample amount of laughs, but probably made even more memorable by Dolly Parton's catchy title song.

Nine to Five
Nine to Five