D: Ole Bornedal
Miramax/Dimension (Michael Obel)
US 1997 (released 1998)
101 mins


W: Steven Soderbergh & Ole Bornedal [based on the screenplay "Nattevagten" by Ole Bornedal]
DP: Dan Laustsen
Ed: Sally Menke
Mus: Joachim Holbeck

Ewan McGregor (Martin Bells), Nick Nolte (Insp. Thomas Cray), Josh Brolin (James Gallman), Patricia Arquette (Catherine), Alix Koromzay (Joyce)

A law student takes a job working a night shift at a city morgue and is suspected of being a serial killer.
A remake of a Danish 1994 thriller which retains its original director but appears to have lost all sense of foreboding atmosphere, despite the screenplay being co-written by the hugely talented Steven Soderbergh.
Only Nick Nolte's sinister performance rings true. Everyone else just seems to be there for a paycheck.

Ewan McGregor in Nightwatch
Ewan McGregor in Nightwatch