The Man in the White Suit

D: Alexander Mackendrick
Ealing (Michael Balcon)
UK 1951
85 mins


W: Roger MacDougall, John Dighton & Alexander Mackendrick [based on the play by Roger MacDougall]
DP: Douglas Slocombe
Ed: Bernard Gribble
Mus: Benjamin Frankel

Alec Guinness (Sidney Stratton), Joan Greenwood (Daphne Birnley), Cecil Parker (Alan Bimley), Michael Gough (Michael Corland), Ernest Thesiger (Sir John Kierlaw) 

The Man In The White Suit is amongst the finest works to emerge from Ealing Studios, and though it's not quite on the same level as The Lavender Hill Mob or The Ladykillers, this is simply because it's a completely different kind of comedy.
Played as a farce, it's a satire on business, advancements in science and technology and commercialism & consumerism in general.
Alec Guinness plays an eccentric scientist who constantly finds himself fired from textile factories, but upon inventing an indestructible material which never gets dirty he finds himself a very wanted man, albeit not exactly the reasons he had in mind.
The screenplay, based on the play by Roger MacDougall is pure genius, and the lead performance by Alec Guinness is an absolute treat. 
Obviously, it's quite dated now, but still stands out of one of the best British comedies of the 1950's.

Alec Guinness in The Man in the White Suit
Alec Guinness in The Man in the White Suit