Mystic River

We bury our sins, we wash them clean
We bury our sins, we wash them clean

D: Clint Eastwood
Warner Bros./Village Roadshow/Malpaso (Robert Lorenz, Judie Hoyt & Clint Eastwood)
US 2003
132 mins
W: Brian Helgeland [based on the novel by Dennis Lehane]
DP: Tom Stern
Ed: Joel Cox
Mus: Clint Eastwood
PD: Henry Bumstead
Sean Penn (Jimmy Markum), Tim Robbins (Dave Boyle), Kevin Bacon (Sean Levine), Laurence Fishburne (Whitey Powers), Marcia Gay Harden (Celeste Boyle), Laura Linney (Annabeth Markum), Kevin Chapman (Val Savage), Thomas Guiry (Brendan Harris), Emmy Rossum (Katie Markum)
A sinister, foreboding crime drama by director Clint Eastwood, from a novel by Dennis Lehane. 
Three childhood friends who drifted apart following a traumatic event are reunited as adults when one of their daughters is murdered.
The mystery aspect of the story is peripherally important to the plot, taking a back seat whilst the focus is on the three main male characters, their relationship with each other and their own families, as well as the deep-rooted issues that haunt each of them.
It's a real actor's film, evoking excellent performances from it's ensemble cast, winning Oscars for both Sean Penn & Tim Robbins. Highly recommended, powerful stuff.

Kevin Bacon & Sean Penn in Mystic River
Kevin Bacon & Sean Penn in Mystic River