Mystery Men

They're not your average superheroes
They're not your average superheroes
D: Kinka Usher
Universal/Dark Horse (Lawrence Gordon, Mike Richardson & Lloyd Levin)
US 1999
120 mins


W: Neil Cuthbert [based on the comic book by Bob Burden]
DP: Stephen Goldblatt
Ed: Conrad Buff
Mus: Stephen Warbeck
PD: Kirk M. Petrucelli
Cos: Marilyn Vance

Ben Stiller (Roy / Mr. Furious), William H. Macy (Eddy / The Shoveler), Hank Azaria (Jeff / Blue Raja), Janeane Garofalo (Carol / The Bowler), Kel Mitchell (Invisible Boy), Paul Reubens (The Spleen), Wes Studi (The Sphinx), Geoffrey Rush (Casanova Frankenstein), Greg Kinnear (Lance Hunt / Captain Amazing), Claire Forlani (Monica)

A ragtag group of wannabe superheroes unite to save Champion City from the tyrannical rule of Casanova Frankenstein, the evil villain who has already abducted the city's most famous superhero, Captain Amazing.
Mystery Men is a hugely underrated spoof which struggled to find an audience during its theatrical run and subsequently flopped. It's a shame because it's generally quite fun, with a subtle sense of humour running through it as well as some brash, in-your-face visual gags. It's a huge shame this fell between two stools of whether to aim itself at an adult or teenage market.
Mystery Men
Mystery Men