My Stepmother is an Alien

He married a girl from out of town... way out of town
He married a girl from out of town... way out of town
D: Richard Benjamin
Columbia Tristar/Weintraub (Ronald Parker & Franklin R. Levy)
US 1988
108 mins
Comedy/Science Fiction
W: Herschel Weingrod, Timothy Harris & Jonathan Reynolds
DP: Richard H. Kline
Ed: Jacqueline Cambas & Brian Chambers
Mus: Alan Silvestri
Dan Aykroyd (Steven Mills), Kim Basinger (Celeste), Jon Lovitz (Ron Mills), Alyson Hannigan (Jessie Mills), Seth Green (Fred Glass), Ann Prentiss (voice of The Bag)
Feeble, sex-obsessed comedy (for kids?) in which an astronomist falls in love with and subsequently marries a beautiful alien woman who has only visited Earth to discover more about his scientific operation. 
The script to this film is pretty woeful, banking on the sex appeal of Kim Basinger to carry the film, which works in the early scenes she shares with Dan Aykroyd, but the couple have very little chemistry with each other. Jon Lovitz delivers a thoroughly irritating supporting performance as Aykroyd's womanising brother. It's left up to Alyson Hannigan and a little dog to deliver the best performances, which isn't saying much.  Alan Silvestri's music score sounds so similar to one of John Williams' most famous, it's a surprise this didn't culminate in a lawsuit.
Chewing gum for the eyes, with a plot that would entertain younger children, though it's filled with jokes which are completely unsuitable for them.
Kim Basinger in My Stepmother is an Alien
Kim Basinger in My Stepmother is an Alien