Mulholland Drive

D: David Lynch
Pathé/Studio Canal/Assymmetrical (Mary Sweeney, Alain Sarde, Neal Edelstein, Michael Polaire & Tony Krantz)
US/France 2001
146 mins
W: David Lynch
DP: Peter Deming
Ed: Mary Sweeney
Mus: Angelo Badalamenti 
Naomi Watts (Betty Elms), Justin Theroux (Adam Kesher), Laura Elena Harring (Rita), Ann Miller (Coco Lenoix), Dan Hedaya (Vincenzo Castigliane), Mark Pellegrino (Joe), Robert Forster (Det. Harry McKnight)
David Lynch's filmmaking standard is generally creepy, fascinating, hallucinatory and profoundly, compellingly confusing. Mulholland Drive can certainly be described as all these terms. It can also be described as half a dream and half a nightmare as it weaves an intricate story concerning two women, one a budding Hollywood actress and the other suffering from amnesia. 
Lynch originally intended this film to be a pilot for a TV series and it's safe to say it's every bit as weird as his previous TV show (Twin Peaks).
The film is a puzzling enigma, and if you manage to decipher it, it will stick with you as a marvellously twisted piece of work. At the same time, if you were to switch it off halfway through, it would be completely understandable.

Naomi Watts & Laura Elena Harring in Mulholland Drive
Naomi Watts & Laura Elena Harring in Mulholland Drive