Mrs Doubtfire

D: Chris Columbus
20th Century Fox/Blue Wolf (Marcia Garces Williams, Robin Williams & Mark Radcliffe)
US 1993
125 mins


W: Randi Mayem Singer & Leslie Dixon [based on the novel "Alias Madam Doubtfire" by Anne Fine]
DP: Donald McAlpine
Ed: Raja Gosnell 
Mus: Howard Shore

Robin Williams (Daniel Hillard / Iphigenia Doubtfire), Sally Field (Miranda Hillard), Pierce Brosnan (Stu), Harvey Fierstein (Frank), Polly Holliday (Gloria), Lisa Jakub (Lydia), Matthew Lawrence (Chris), Mara Wilson (Natalie)

Robin Williams delivers one of his most memorable performances in this family comedy about an out-of-work actor so desperate to see his children following the bitter divorce from his wife, that he disguises himself as a quaint English nanny in order to spend time with them.
The never-shy Williams has much freedom and opportunity here for his trademark improvisation to deliver the laughs, whilst the prosthetic makeup transforming him into the title character is incredible.
It's also quite refreshing that the film doesn't settle for a typically Hollywood happy ending, though there is still quite a hefty dose of sticky sentimentality that the film could have done without.

Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire
Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire