MOON (15)
D: Duncan Jones
Sony Pictures/Stage 6/Liberty (Stuart Fenegan & Trudie Styler)
US 2009
93 mins

Science Fiction

W: Nathan Parker & Duncan Jones
DP: Gary Shaw
Ed: Nicolas Gaster
Mus: Clint Mansell
PD: Tony Noble

Sam Rockwell (Sam Bell), Dominique McElligott (Tess Bell), Kaya Scodelario (Eve Bell), Benedict Wong (Thompson), Kevin Spacey (voice of GERTY)

A man working alone on a lunar surface mining station makes a shocking discovery about himself.

A surprisingly good science fiction movie. From the cover I was expecting a hybrid of Solaris & 2001: A Space Odyssey. While having a few references to the forementioned movies, it still manages to be original and entertaining. Despite only having one main character it manages to be gripping throughout, all the credit has to go to Sam Rockwell, possibly the best actor who has never been nominated for an Academy Award. He's done a great job in all the movies he's starred in, surely his time will come soon.