Mommie Dearest


D: Frank Perry

Paramount (Frank Yablans)

US 1981

129 mins


W: Frank Yablans, Frank Perry & Robert Getchell [based on the memoir by Christina Crawford]

DP: Paul Lehman

Ed: Peter E. Berger

Mus: Henry Mancini

Faye Dunaway (Joan Crawford), Diana Scarwid (Christina Crawford - adult), Mara Hobel (Christina Crawford - child), Steve Forrest (Gregg Savitt), Rutanya Alda (Carol Ann), Howard da Silva (Louis B. Mayer)

Voted the worst film of the whole 1980's by Razzie voters, it can't be said that this movie is 'so bad, it's good', but it has become a cult hit as an unintentional comedy, which is quite understandable as Mommie Dearest is quite frankly, hilarious.

Based on a memoir by Joan Crawford's adopted daughter, Christina, this biographical film shows a warts-and-all relationship between her and the neurotic movie star from the late 1930's up until Joan's death in the 1970's.

The story really isn't flattering to Joan Crawford, portraying her as a perfectionist with outbursts of histrionics and poor treatment of her adopted children, and it certainly isn't helped by Faye Dunaway's wildly shrieking overacting.

Like The Room and Troll 2, it's a film which isn't fairly reflected by a rating out of 10. Yes, it's terrible, and as a serious biographical drama it was intended to be, it's difficult to give it more than zero, but for a trashy soap opera, it really does make hilarious viewing.


Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest
Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest