Mirror Mirror

D: Tarsem Singh
20th Century Fox/Relativity Media (Ryan Kavanaugh, Bernie Goldmann, Brett Ratner & Kevin Misher)
US 2012
106 mins


W: Melissa Wallack, Marc Klein & Jason Keller [based on the fairytale "Snow White" by The Brothers Grimm]
DP: Brendan Galvin
Ed: Robert Duffy & Nick Moore
Mus: Alan Menken
PD: Tom Foden
Cos: Eiko Ishioka

Lily Collins (Snow White), Julia Roberts (Queen Clementianna), Armie Hammer (Prince Andrew Alcott), Nathan Lane (Brighton), Mare Winningham (Margaret), Michael Lerner (The Baron), Sean Bean (The King)

One of two 2012 movies adapted from the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale, the other being Snow White & The Huntsman. Personally, I feel the latter was the better film. Just.
This one uses a pantomime style to the other's more action-orientated fantasy, although I think the performances are slightly better in this. Lily Collins is a much more convincing Snow White than Kristen Zombie and Julia Roberts is rather hilarious, vamping it up as the evil queen.
My interest started to flag in the final half-hour of this, but it's the most family-friendly of the two movies. If anything, I'd say this would be the better choice to watch over the seasonal period, and would probably be more suitable for younger children.

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror
Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror