Million Dollar Baby

D: Clint Eastwood
Warner Bros./Lakeshore/Malpaso (Clint Eastwood, Albert S. Ruddy, Tom Rosenberg & Paul Haggis)
US 2004
132 mins


W: Paul Haggis [based on stories from "Rope Burns" by F. X. Toole]
DP: Tom Stern
Ed: Joel Cox
Mus: Clint Eastwood
PD: Henry Bumstead

Clint Eastwood (Frankie Dunn), Hilary Swank (Maggie Fitzgerald), Morgan Freeman (Eddie 'Scrap Iron' Dupris), Anthony Mackie (Shawrelle Berry), Jay Baruchel (Danger Barch), Mike Colter (Big Willie Little)

Million Dollar Baby is a boxing picture which will leave you absolutely floored.
Ageing boxing coach Frankie Dunn (Eastwood) reluctantly trains a trailer-trash waitress into realising her dream of becoming a prizefighter, but there comes a cruel twist of fate in the championship bout which changes their lives.
Hilary Swank delivers a strong performance as Maggie Fitzgerald, winning a Best Actress Oscar in the process, whilst Clint Eastwood gives one of the strongest screen performances in his illustrious career. Morgan Freeman received a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance as a retired fighter, whilst the film became the underdog winner of the Academy Award for Best Picture for 2004, and quite rightly so.

Million Dollar Baby
Million Dollar Baby