Mighty Aphrodite

D: Woody Allen
Miramax/Sweetland (Robert Greenhut)
US 1995
95 mins
W: Woody Allen
DP: Carlo DiPalma
Ed: Susan E. Morse
PD: Santo Loquasto

Woody Allen (Lenny), Helena Bonham-Carter (Amanda), Mira Sorvino (Linda Ash), Michael Rapaport (Kevin), F. Murray Abraham (Leader), Olympia Dukakis (Jocasta), Peter Weller (Jerry Bender)
Woody Allen enthusiasts will enjoy this much more than regular cinemagoers. It's his typical style of neurotic comedy, yet isn't anywhere near as good as his better works.
He takes on the lead character once more as a sports writer driven to rescue the mother of his adopted son from a life of prostitution.
Mira Sorvino's standout performance is enchanting and irritating in equal measure, but was memorable enough to see her win 1995's Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  She was the best thing about the film, but I really don't understand the win at all.

Woody Allen & Mira Sorvino in Mighty Aphrodite
Woody Allen & Mira Sorvino in Mighty Aphrodite