Memoirs of an Invisible Man

D: John Carpenter
Warner Bros./Studio Canal/Regency (Bruce Bodner & Dan Kolsrud)
US 1992
99 mins

Science Fiction/Thriller

W: Robert Collector, Dana Olsen & William Goldman [based on the novel by H. F. Saint]
DP: William A. Fraker
Ed: Marion Rothman
Mus: Shirley Walker

Chevy Chase (Nick Holloway), Daryl Hannah (Alice Monroe), Sam Neill (David Jenkins), Michael McKean (George Talbot), Stephen Tobolowsky (Warren Singleton)

John Carpenter's spin on the invisible man concept sees Chevy Chase in the lead role. Following an accident at laboratory which turns him invisible, the CIA hunt him down to cover up the event.
Although the film is genuinely entertaining and has some impressive visual effects, its main problem is that it can't quite decide what kind of movie it wants to be, deviating between chase thriller and romantic comedy with occasional slapstick. The performances don't help with the style of filmmaking either, with Chase torn between doing his usual comedy routine and playing it straight, while Sam Neill is a rather formulaic bad guy. Daryl Hannah is given very little to do as the love interest.

Chevy Chase in Memoirs of an Invisible Man
Chevy Chase in Memoirs of an Invisible Man