Some memories are best forgotten
Some memories are best forgotten
D: Christopher Nolan
Pathé/Newmarket/Summit (Suzanne Todd & Jennifer Todd)
US 2001
116 mins
W: Christopher Nolan & Jonathan Nolan
DP: Wally Pfister
Ed: Dody Dorn
Mus: David Julyan
Guy Pearce (Leonard Shelby), Carrie-Anne Moss (Natalie), Joe Pantoliano (Teddy), Mark Boone, Jr. (Burt), Stephen Tobolowsky (Sammy)
Christopher Nolan's directorial breakthrough is nothing short of genius. 
Told in reverse chronological order, a man who cannot make any new memories following an attack in which his wife was raped and murdered searches for the man responsible so he can avenge her death. Forming his clues through photographs and notes, he tattoos the facts on his body in his relentless hunt.
Though Guy Pearce delivers his best screen performance as the enigmatic lead character, the real star of this picture is the editing, putting the puzzling mystery together one piece at a time towards it's thrilling denouement.
One small gripe is that the DVD allows for the story to be viewed in "real time" which should really be avoided. It simply takes all the magic of the movie away.

Guy Pearce in Memento
Guy Pearce in Memento