Mannequin (1 & 2)

When she comes to life, anything can happen
When she comes to life, anything can happen
D: Michael Gottlieb
20th Century Fox/Gladden (Art Levinson)
US 1987
89 mins
W: Edward Rugoff & Michael Gottlieb
DP: Tim Suhrstedt
Ed: Richard Halsey & Frank Jiminez
Mus: Sylvester Levay
Andrew McCarthy (Jonathan Switcher), Kim Cattrall (Emmy Heshire), Estelle Getty (Claire Timkin), James Spader (Mr. Richards), G.W. Bailey (Capt. Felix Maxwell)
Silly romantic fantasy in which an ancient Egyptian princess is placed under a curse in which she becomes a 20th century mannequin, miraculously bought to life by a bumbling window dresser who is the only person who is able to witness her speak and move.
For a juvenile audience, it has enough about it for entertainment value, but for older audiences it's very cheesy without being particularly funny.
The theme song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" was a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic for the pop band Starship.

Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin
Andrew McCarthy in Mannequin

D: Stewart Raffill
Rank/Gladden (Edward Rugoff)
US 1991
95 mins
W: Edward Rugoff, David Isaacs, Ken Levine & Betty Israel
DP: Larry Pizer
Ed: Joan Chapman
Mus: David McHugh
Kristy Swanson (Jessie), William Ragsdale (Jason), Meshach Taylor (Hollywood)
Pathetically bad rehash of the 1987 film which couldn't even be bothered to bring back characters or actors from the original cast, except for Meshash Taylor as a gay fashion expert, given an even bigger role for a reason only the writer and director would know.
This is, quite simply, a film that has no right to exist.

William Ragsdale in Mannequin II: On the Move
William Ragsdale in Mannequin II: On the Move